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Ubuntu’ed up

October 12, 2008

After ages dilly-dallying over replacing my existing XP operating system, I finally replaced it with Ubuntu last weekend. Though I am fairly comfortable working on Unix environments, this is my first experience with a Linux desktop. The Ubuntu community seems very active, so finding workarounds for issues has been trivial. My main reactions to a primarily smooth first week, in no particular order:

  • The OS install took 15 minutes. 15 minutes!!! That was shock enough for someone used to Windows installs taking ten times that amount.
  • Shutting down and rebooting the system are very quick processes in comparison, taking almost as long as it took to hibernate on Windows!
  • On the other hand, my one attempt at hibernating on Linux didn’t turn out so well.
  • Having OpenOffice installed as part of the OS install is a nice, unexpected bonus.
  • The wireless adapter has already started getting on my nerves. First off, I had to actually type in my router name by hand, and not have to select from a list. Secondly, and this is the really annoying bit, the wireless adapter loses connectivity with the wireless router periodically. When this occurs, I have to type out the router and password details for it to connect – why can’t this information be saved? And sometimes, even this doesn’t work and I actually have to reboot!
  • Being able to run commands like ‘find’ on the native OS gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.
  • The ability to be redside on the internet while having my Windows virtual vpn’ed into the corporate network is a HUGE plus.
  • The virtual does run quite slowly at times – though I doubt that has anything to do with the host.

On the whole, am looking forward to learning cool tips and tricks to get much more out of my Ubuntu experience!