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An awesome non-game

January 13, 2009

The match at Luton was abandoned last night. The Luton team plays their matches in a private room at a pub – today the lights in the room were not working and we were forced to play outside in a corner of the pub. With football on television getting just a tad noisy, the majority of players chose to abandon the match rather than playing on. My game was by far the wildest of the lot so everyone came over to analyse what could have been. We discussed some wild variations but the general consensus was that white (me) should have won if the game had carried on.

1. e4 d6 2. d4 Nf6 3. Nc3 g6 4. f3 Bg7 5.  Be3 Nbd7 6. Qd2 O-O 7. O-O-O c6 8. g4

This is a pretty standard Pirc with opposite side castling and a race to see whose pawns get to the enemy king first. White’s plan is quite similar to the Yugoslav attack in the Dragon, but he saves tempi associated with moving his knight (Nf3, Nxd4). I have played this several times in online chess, with pretty good results.


Black should start to get his queenside pawns rolling as quickly as possible. 8…b5 was the better choice.

9. g5 Ne8?

Now this is a serious mistake. 9…Nh5 slows down the white attack considerably. I would have then had to spend time with Nge2 and Ng3 to trade off the h5 knight or Be2 and f4 with the same intention. This gives black time to get his own queenside attack moving.

10. Kb1 e5 11. h4 exd4 12.  Bxd4 Bxd4 13. Qxd4 Qe5 14. Qd2

I am quite happy that Black has cooperated in trading off his dark squared bishop. This makes his king a lot more vulnerable to attack. I now avoid the trade of queens to renew my attack.

14…Nb6 15. h5 Be6 16. f4 Qa5?

The queen should have taken up the work of the dark squared bishop and taken up protection of the king with Qg7 or Qh8.

17. hxg6?

17. Qh2 and it was already time to resign (17…Qh2 18. Nf6 hxg6 19. fxg6 gxf6). My move doesn’t throw away the win but it lets black back into the game.

17…fxg6 18. Qh2  Rf7 19. f5 gxf5 20. g6 Rg7 21. gxh7+ Kh8 22. Qh6 Bc4

22…Nc7 was another interesting choice, trying to activate the knight while allowing the rook to perform some back-rank duties.

23. Bd3?!

For some reason, I felt I had to answer Bc4 with a bishop move! This is of course not necessary and 23. Nf3 was probably a better choice.

23…Qe5 *

Here the game was called off. Too bad, because we might have had some fun variations on the board! The two main moves I was considering were 24. Nf3 and 24. Ne2. Fritz evaluates the position with Nf3 as +2.27 and Ne2 as +1.5, so my chances were definitely better than even! And the way we’d both been playing until that point, we might have gone in for some wild, unsound variations that would have left both of us wondering how sane we really were!

PS: Since the chess publishing site is back up, my previous game is now replayable here.