Aloha Baby!

May 2, 2008

I’d like to be, but I am not in fact in Hawaii!

Robbie, as usual, is ahead of me in the announcement, but we have finally open-sourced our SIP Application Server. It still has some rough edges around it in terms of the README etc, so you might have trouble building it from source if you download it right away, but it is finally out there.

Over the course of the past year, I have considered writing about several aspects of the project but was always unsure of how much can be spoken about in the public domain. Now that it is open-sourced, and because I consider it one of the cooler projects I have been involved in, I would now like to take up the chance to write up a series of blog posts talking about various design decisions and patterns in the implementation.

I plan to cover the unit-testing and acceptance-testing strategies, the Spring-ified nature of the application, the message flows, the optimistic concurrency model, the state-storage options and whatever else I can think of. Again, as Robbie mentions, if our paper gets accepted, three of us will be presenting at Agile2008 this year in Toronto about our robustness and performance tests.

In short, stay tuned. Or more likely, stay away!


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