Work-life balance

December 8, 2007

You constantly hear people mention it. Kent Beck talks about the importance of the 40-hour work week in his book. Most of us recognize its importance in keeping us sane and avoiding burnout.

Yet, how many of us are able to keep that balance in our lives? If you want to be good at something or have a passion for it, the best way to move forward is to work hard. Most people I respect (no matter what their field) work incredibly hard. I find myself constantly coding, catching up with what other people have been blogging about, or playing chess, at all hours of the day and night. If I regularly take time off after work to just “chill out and relax”, I realize I’m being left behind in the rat-race while everyone else is constantly moving forward.

Working from home helps in that it saves me a tiring commute, but I have trouble switching off in the evenings. We are all encouraged to constantly learn, to be at the cutting-edge, to have a meaningful life after work, to not over-work and yet deliver the best possible product in the shortest possible time.

Am I the only one who (especially on days like today) feels like I’m swimming against the tide? How do the rest of you cope with it?



  1. […] friend Rags wrote about work-life balance lately. He writes about challenges we have to face in current world as professionals: If I […]

  2. I also have this problem. It comes and goes in waves depending on how insecure I’m feeling about my job. I fear being ‘benched’ or put on some crappy project, so I feel the need to ‘keep up’ or at least work very hard to at least show how dedicated I am.

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