Deja vu

December 6, 2007

Earlier this week, I won a game of chess that reminded me of my first round win at the 2004 World Open. The games themselves were very different – the 2004 game was a Nimzo-Indian while the recent one was a Najdorf. What it shows is that it pays to calculate exact variations in endgames. Also, in equal endgames with rooks and pawns on both sides of the board, it isn’t always wise to ignore everything else on the board, just to queen one pawn. Connected passed pawns can be too much for a rook to handle, especially if the king is on the other corner of the board!

The pictures below tell the story quite well. The ones from the left are from the WO game (after Black’s 54th, 68th and 72th moves – the final position). The ones on the right are from this week’s game (after Black’s 47th, White’s 53rd and Black’s 57th move – the final position).

brianrosner-raghav-54.jpg thorr-rr-47.jpg




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