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November 25, 2007

Susan Polgar (originally Zsuzsa Polgár) is a very famous chess personality. She is most famous for being the eldest of the Polgar sisters and although youngest sister Judit is the strongest player (having spent a considerable amount of time in the top 10), Susan was certainly among the top 2-3 women during her regular playing days. These days she is busy evangelizing the game to kids, promoting it in schools, running her own chess club, providing live commentary for important games, and most recently agreeing to coach the Texas Tech chess team. She, along with her husband Paul Truong, are also involved in an extremely politicized and controversial lawsuit.

Anyway, the point of this post. Susan Polgar has been a fairly active blogger for well over 2 years now. In the past few months, her activity has risen to new heights – my guesstimate is that she produces 15 new posts a day. But, the quality of the blog has gone right down. The posts are reduced to pictures, providing chess results from around the world and providing updates on her activities – either uninteresting to me (and I would imagine most people), or something I’d rather read on a chess news site, not a blog. Occasionally, she will also pose chess problems for her readers to solve.

Now, I understand – its her blog. She’s free to use it as she chooses. If she only wants to post crap, its her prerogative. If it feels like spam on my Google Reader, I can unsubscribe from her feed. So what’s the problem?

Once in a blue moon, she writes something that’s worth reading. She might (gasp!) write about her opinion on a chess-related matter. Or even provide analysis and GM-insight into a game played by top players.

Is it worth subscribing to a spammer’s blog for the occasional gem it might spit out?


One comment

  1. I agree with your assessment. I have her blog bookmarked and check it about once a week. Lately, I find that I’m not reading much if anything there. Usually the items that seem most interesting, I’ve already read on ChessBase News, where it was covered more fully.

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