Christen him Vladimir Catalan

November 14, 2007

Its supposed to be a quiet opening. Over the past couple of years however, that’s exactly what its not been when Kramnik plays it as white. A quick on-line search shows him +8 =5 against human opposition since 2006. His victims have been Topalov, Naiditsch (twice), Anand, Morozevich, Leko (twice) and Carlsen. Add to that another +2 =1 at the ongoing Tal Memorial (this time, its been Leko and Shirov, with the draw against Carlsen) and that’s a combined +10 = 6 against the best players in the world.

Incredible. So much so that Anand avoided it altogether against him in the World Championship and focused on the Semi-Slav instead!

Update: Another Catalan, another win as he beats Alekseev in round 6. What is this guy on, seriously!


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