Dial M for Meeting

November 7, 2007

Yesterday I was part of a brainstorming meeting. Other than the fact that I was superfluous there and had no input whatsoever, I had a pretty good time. I learnt about things other people are working on and came away impressed by the wealth of ideas on display. There were, I figured, worse ways to spend two hours of your life.

Or maybe I should say one hour, fifty five minutes of your life. The last 5 minutes were almost comical. The coordinator of the meeting said (paraphrasing), “I will no longer be involved with this stuff. My main goal was to bring all of you together into the same room and discuss possibilities and ideas. You guys take it from here”. To which, one of the parties said that most of the ideas discussed weren’t in his remit and spouted out 3-4 other names as the people to contact. The other party, throughout the meeting, emphasized how busy he was, and mentioned another name as the person to take this forward.

Chances are that the ideas from the meeting will be taken forward and they won’t die a slow, agonizing death.

I think I’m going to write a book: Why You Should End Meetings 5 Minutes Early.


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